Doug Burr - O Ye Devastator

by Spune

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Doug Burr
O Ye Devastator
Spune / Velvet Blue Music

Track Listing:
1. A Black Wave Is Comin'
2. Chief of Police in Chicago
3. At the Public Dance
4. Red, Red
5. You've Been a Suspect All Your Life
6. I Got This Fever / O Ye Devastator
7. Topeka
8. Do You Hear Wedding Bells
9. All Our Lives (instrumental)
10. And When We Awoke
11. High Blood and Long Evening Dresses

For those of you who are already fans of Mr. Burr, his new record "O Ye Devastator" is finally here. Help us celebrate its release! For those of you unfamiliar with Doug Burr, we think this will be a great treat for your ears and soul. Burr resides in the beautiful city of Denton, TX, and is by no means a stranger to making music. "O Ye Devastator" is his 3rd release with us, which is the proper follow-up to 2007's much adored, "On Promenade". Between these 2 records Burr recorded a project called "The Shawl", which was a shimmering and heavy laden vision of the Psalms.

Doug has been building a steady fan base through each show, his songs appearing in TV shows, and an ever increasing amount of press. Opening for St. Vincent, Richard Buckner, and Great Lake Swimmers has helped as well. He began polishing most of these songs last year while on tour with son volt. Doug has explained the theme of the album to be American roots music rendered as sweeping scenes and story lines, antique, revelatory, and futuristic in scope. After a listen through the album, we think you'll understand what he's talking about.

Burr returned to producer Britton Beisenherz and to Ramble Creek Studios to translate his live sound into studio recordings. The result is a natural sound, earnest and real. Basically, it's the foundation that Burr's career has been built on. The players that make up the rest of the band include Roberto Sanchez on drums, Todd Pertll on pedal steel and banjo, Glen Farris on keys, banjo, and guitar, and Britton Beisenherz on bass and guitar. The cross section of gentle guitars and banjos to dirty distorted guitars and driving percussion always find Burr's melodies in perfect step, though it also leaves us all with a sound that is hard to describe in print. Something we really feel is a great thing!

Below are a few quotes from what others are saying. Doug Burr's music means different things to different people, though there's an underlying personal connection to each. We're anxious to hear what "O Ye Devastator" means to you. Thanks for listening!

"One of the most criminally overlooked performers working in the state, never mind North Texas." - Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"On Promenade" voted best area release of the 2000's by Dallas Observer. "A cohesive album from start to finish, oddly hard to assign genre or reference - it is it's own emotional victory. " - Dallas Observer

Paste Magazine Claimed Burr a 'Top 4 to Watch'. - "Exquisitely detailed, slow and deliberate"

"Burr evokes distinctive voices such as Wilco's Jeff Tweedy or Red House Painters' Mark Kozelek. These warm, inviting compositions are effortlessly beautiful."- Ft. Worth Weekly

"Doug Burr delivers enough heartbreak to drive you to the edge of the bridge, and just enough hope to keep you from jumping. Rugged and pristine, this is music that gets under your skin and goes straight for the heart like a shot of morphine." - Real Roots Cafe, Holland
"Burr shares an intrinsic knowledge of song dynamics with the likes of Jeff Tweedy, and has a voice that tugs at the heart strings. Brilliant! " - Americana UK
"Doug Burr, Damien Jurado, Cold War Kids, Richard Swift, Delta Spirit, and My Brightest Diamond" make the "Gotta Have Faith" list - Idolator


released May 4, 2010

All songs written by Doug Burr, Woven Wings Publishing, ASCAP
Copyright 2010, all rights reserved

Produced by Britton Beisenherz and Doug Burr
Engineered by Britton Beisenherz
Mixed by Britton Beisenherz at Ramble Creek Studio, Austin, TX
Mastered by Jim Wilson at Airshow Mastering, Boulder, CO

Photography by Brandon Lesley
Cover art by Brandon Lesley
Cover model: Anna Burgess
Model wardrobe/makeup: Christina Shoto

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all rights reserved
Track Name: Red, Red
Once there was a ghost livin' deep within my heart
Came out at night, danced with me in the dark

Red, red, pale, white
Red, red, pale, white lips

Strode into the orchard, now, was in full bloom
Just like two carefree, lovers do
Oh, Mary, dear Mary, I drink to you
Here I can taste your fragrance, and it goes down smooth

Oh meet, by the yonder tree
Oh sing, we used to sing
Now sway in the breeze

Oh you'll be singin' softly when the workers arise
And all of the sowers gonna find me in the light
Oh and they gonna dig a hole, dig it deep and wide
To lay my achin' skin by your side
Track Name: A Black Wave Is Comin'
A black wave is comin'
A black wave will fall
Touch your tremblin' lips to your pale fingertips
A black wave doth call

So where do you go my lover
And where do you go my friend
When every face you know and every low road
They have all become dark and dim

A black wave is comin'
A black wave will fall
Touch your tremblin' lips to your pale fingertips
A black wave doth call

So what do you see my darlin'
And what do you see my dear
I can't tell, I can't tell in the wild wood a spell
And the clouds forsake the sky here

So what do you see my lover
And what do you see my friend
I don't know, I don't know at Midnight comes a snow
I can't see, but I hear a little hymn
I can't see, but I hear a little hymn
Track Name: Chief of Police in Chicago
We got a double-positive confirm today
I am Chief of Police in Chicago
And I've called you here just to congratulate
And apologize for the sorrow
We understand he's doing everything that children do
We are getting good at fighting crime
And we don't want to rain upon this dream come true
Or dissuade you from towing the line

I am Chief of Police in Chicago
And I have seen the thing you cannot see
And I'm sorry to be the one to tell you
We've discovered the gene

Maybe we could send you our best officer
There are some tricks to curb the appetite
Hey, we're not in the business of changing futures, Ma'am
But we think we could help him do less time
Now just a few experts are going to tell you that it's not too late
They don't pay me enough to make that call
And you won't find them working down at the District anyway
Hell, all these killers have to learn to crawl

I am Chief of Police in Chicago
Oh, I have seen the thing you cannot see
And my team and I are just a little shaken
We've discovered the gene

We got a double-positive confirm today
I am Chief of Police in Chicago
Track Name: High Blood and Long Evening Dresses
I don’t recall what your name is, my doll
Only the snow in the valley keeps fallin'
I might remember, but this is December
I don’t recall what your name is, darlin'

So why don’t you come like a thief on the doorstep
Carry me back to the Quadrille in Knoxville
Oh, hey old Line Caller, a new silver dollar
I in my high blood and long evening dresses

Breathtaker, Devastator, Forsaker, Heartbreaker
I don’t know fear, and I don’t know pain
Oh, rider, whiter than snow on fire
I don’t remember the sound of the name